Zero-Waste Household | The Positive Change

One of the biggest misperceptions out there today is, transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle can be expensive, time-consuming & inconvenient. A lot of people think for the change to happen, one must buy all these expensive replacements, or hire professionals to make the change – BUT THIS IS ALL JUST A PERCEPTION! The State of Qatar and the Al-Sulaiti family Qatar is an extremely tiny … Continue reading Zero-Waste Household | The Positive Change

Bali Eco Deli | #ThePositiveChange

Whether you are a tourist, or a local, we are all aware of the Plastic Epidemic and Indonesia being one of the centrepieces to this problem. We are fully aware that Indonesia is second-only to China when it comes to dumping plastic in our oceans and not having proper infrastructure to eliminate the waste effectively. Constantly, I hear from those who visit Indonesia how big … Continue reading Bali Eco Deli | #ThePositiveChange