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Whether you are a tourist, or a local, we are all aware of the Plastic Epidemic and Indonesia being one of the centrepieces to this problem. We are fully aware that Indonesia is second-only to China when it comes to dumping plastic in our oceans and not having proper infrastructure to eliminate the waste effectively. Constantly, I hear from those who visit Indonesia how big the problem is yet how beautiful the country is. Most of what we hear, however, is negative. It’s about what is going wrong around us. It’s about what most people want to hear and can largely talk about.

But, have the wide population heard of all the different positive initiatives that take place to solve these problems?


Bali Eco Deli | Cafe with Heart

Bali Eco Deli, a cozy cafe located on the beautiful and scenic island of Nusa Lembongan. With the scorching heat and humidity, the relaxed atmosphere this cafe provides, surrounded by greenery, really allows you to unwind and indulge in healthy foods, snacks and drinks. Check out their website here to see all they have to offer – and the best part! Everything is homemade using ingredients that are freshly sourced from fair-trade and organic farms and most definitely, no plastic anything!

What are those?! Delicious and Healthy Bowls!

Read on to see how such an amazing small cafe can have SUCH A HUGE IMPACT

Plastic Problem & Solution

It doesn’t end there – Bali Eco Deli prides itself in being an activist in eliminating Plastic. One way is they provide free refills when using a non-disposable water bottle! With such humid weather, buying plastic water bottles can definitely be a burden on your wallet and the environment! Taking it another step further, if you find that you are walking on the beach peacefully, but constantly need to avoid plastic bottles you find littered all around – PICK THEM UP AND TAKE THEM TO BALI ECO DELI FOR A DISCOUNT ON YOUR MEALS (just like the photos below)! The cozy cafe then masters a process to get the plastic to the mainland to be sorted appropriately!

Initiatives like Trash Hero can help you contribute even when on vacation! Onto Bali Eco Deli!

Fresh Water Conservation

Water conservation in countries around the world is a growing concern these days. Bali Eco Deli to the rescue! They have developed their own system to recycle and purify water to help with their daily business needs while providing visitors with quality food and drinks. Bali Eco Deli is extremely thorough in their strategy – have a look and see how this can possibly help with your business or household!

Renewable Energy

Can you believe that such a small, cozy cafe does all of the above and this blog post is still not done?! Why you ask? Solar. Energy. Geographically, sun exposure is immense in this part of the world – and this beautiful cafe installed solar panels and continue to expand their solar grid to one day be 100% solar run! Tips for businesses: Start small with your grid and grow slow!

solar bali eco.jpg
Time to make double use of those ugly solar panels mounts to grow some mint, basil, kale,  spinach. #hydroponics #Lembongan#hydroponicfarming (Taken from Bali Eco Deli Facebook)

What can we learn?

As tourists, we must definitely take advantage and enjoy everything our world has to offer. But what if, while visiting the most famous restaurant, we also spent a couple minutes to research some options that are developed around sustainability? Not only does this feed the sustainable businesses and economy, it also urges those famous restaurants to change their ways, benefitting all businesses in the end! (and how do we do this, GOOGLE!)

Just seeing the potential of a small and cozy cafe like Bali Eco Deli, it is perfect for all of us to pick and choose aspects you like and implement these in our own lives. If you’re a traveller, now you know where to go in Nusa Lembongan. If you’re a household, an individual or a business, there are so many ideas to take from Bali Eco Deli to help you become a more sustainable citizen of our Planet Earth, whether it’s how you source your fruits and vegetables, or you’re hoping to invest in solar power for your house or business! Let’s all join #ThePositiveChange

Bali Eco Deli is always posting ‘fresh’ content (get it?) – give them a follow on Instagram (@baliecodeli) and Facebook!

Here is a little bit of motivation – Views like this should excite us even more to join The Positive Change!

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