Nada Grocery | The Positive Change

“To cultivate a better world by inspiring people to change the way they shop for groceries.”

Nada Grocery Mission Statement

Inspiration behind Nada Grocery

Brianne Miller, a marine biologist, was exposed to the plastic pollution problem first-hand and how it’s negatively impacting our environment. Food packaging played a vital role and Brianne was immediately inspired to make a change and a difference for the better. The entire food system currently is problematic, whether it’s how we transport the goods, process and package the goods, and how we dispose of it.  This, in turn, continues to negatively impact climate change and the state of our planet. 

This served as a wake-up call for Brianne, and now with Nada Grocery, they are changing the entire grocery shopping game.

The Positive Change

Community Involvement and Raising Awareness

Firstly, and most importantly, for every purchase we, as customers, make, 1% of the proceeds go to various non-profit organizations that are helping support the sustainable food system! As a customer, I feel empowered and good about myself that I’m supporting such a cause with all my purchases, it’s a beautiful system to create a community that really cares about each other.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend an event that Nada organized, it was a two-part event.

1) Neighbourhood Clean-up!

So many of us travel the world, see that garbage is taking over our beaches, return to Canada and we all feel that Canada is doing great and we’re all good! but check out the pictures below to see how much garbage we collected just from a local park and some residential blocks.

2) DIY Workshop to make Homemade Cleaning and Laundry Supplies!

Marina, the legend, Smirnova! Marina was kind enough to walk us through the process of making our own supplies! This DIY workshop really helped educate us with cleaner alternatives that are unbelievably affordable and can be made with ingredients you most likely already have ample amount of at home! Using Essential Oils and natural ingredients, there is no need for us to spend so much money each time we purchase an All-Purpose Cleaner, or Glass Cleaner, or a Laundry Powder Soap!

Marina Smirnova – A Master Recycler, and Amazing Educator

So, we buy all these various detergents, and surface cleaning products, that are so heavy on our bank accounts – but also use so many different chemicals that we haven’t even heard of or can’t even pronounce! Why?!?! Take matters into our own hands,


Marina was kind enough to share recipes, tips and benefits of ingredients used to create these supples. As a reader, it is your lucky day to start making The Positive Change immediately, because I WILL BE SHARING IT WITH YOU BELOW. I truly believe in knowledge sharing and education being the key to inspiring people to make the change, and realize how easy it is, and in the end, how good you feel about yourself and helping our planet for future generations!

Package-Free Grocery Shopping

Nada strives to ensure that customers pay for simply what they would like to purchase in a sustainable manner. Rather than using plastic bags, which is the norm around our world that needs to be changed, Nada motivates customers to bring their own containers, and using their unique technology, customers stock their containers and pay just for what they stocked up! Nada also sells sustainable toothbrushes, toothpastes, containers and bags to help customers lead a zero-waste lifestyle!

Where does Nada get their produce from?

As I write this post, I get more and more excited about all the different ways Nada strives to change the food ecosystem and processes. Nada Groceries stock their shelves with produce and other awesome goodies that are farmed organically, BUT ALSO, Nada ensures they know the entire process behind how these foods are grown, transported and sold, to make sure that the entire process is as clean and sustainable as possible (This honestly makes me so proud because of all the effort that goes into the process). Social and Economic Responsibility along with focus on a Circular Economy is so essential to preserving our world, and Nada is taking a major step in helping us, not just the store, but helping us as customers become part of the change! They even support fruits and veggies that are imperfect, because let’s be real, the fruits and veggies that look perfect don’t taste any better, they just look good! We all knows that True Beauty Lies Within Us (okay, sorry, too cliche! But you get the point!)

What can we learn?

This part is my favourite part! After reading all this, many may think, this is still so challenging, it all looks interesting, but still so challenging! We cannot sit back and wait for change to happen through government action or authorities, we need to take the initiative and step it up ourselves to show that we care! This movement will expedite actions taken by governments!

Here are key takeaways for everyone:

  • For families and households – We need to learn to change our buying behaviours and there are initiatives out there like Nada Grocery which aims to do just that! We need to support our local farmers, we need to waste less food and dispose minimal waste in a sustainable manner. It’s also important to note that there are so many workshops and initiatives out there to help us achieve a zero-waste lifestyle (you’re not alone!) We can also make our own supplies with regular household ingredients which can save households tons and tons of money in the long-run!
  • Traveller or Individual – Are you simply visiting Vancouver? From my experience, when traveling, I always researched sustainable foods to eat, or sustainable initiatives around me. Nada Grocery is changing the game and is a tourist attraction in itself. Additionally, you are helping the community as a whole while also having access to environmentally friendly spices, food, produce and daily life supplies like toothpaste and toothbrushes which will last you a lot longer than the traditional kind. As a traveller, laundry was a big deal to me as well – wouldn’t it be amazing to have the ability to make your own laundry and cleaning supplies in a far more affordable way in minutes? Rather than purchasing extras and not using the detergent or using too much to finish the detergent, make your own and simply make the amount you need!
  • Businesses – Whether you own or work at a restaurant, or your hosting an office party (with Christmas around the corner), purchasing in bulk from regular stores increases our waste and carbon footprint. We must be conscious and support grocery stores like Nada Grocery – which in turn helps your employees or other businesses understand the importance of Zero-Waste. 

Give Nada Grocery some love for being so awesome in bringing the community together, changing the mindset of many and continuing to do so, and really working on getting even better to help our planet!

Let’s all play a role in keeping our planet as beautiful as ever!

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