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Such a small world – I launch The Positive Change, and my colleague from a previous job messages me and connects me with his father, Shawn Bonnough, extremely passionate with a strong character striving to make positive changes in a variety of ways. I had the unique opportunity of connecting with Shawn over a phone call and discussing his vision and the inspiration behind Aquaponics Training Institute.

Meet Shawn Bonnough

Truly inspiring, Shawn Bonnough

Shawn is just like one of us, a person who had many excellent and some rough past experiences which helped him develop into a supportive figure,  full of character and vision for future generations on our planet. Shawn hopes to change the education system and condense it for students with an emphasis on practical experience.

Shawn is an established entrepreneur partaking in various projects and ventures to have an impact on our world and for the well-being of his family. Shawn believed our current education system can be further improved and even more efficient. He has launched various training institutes including High Velocity, which is now a government licensed college, training students in 12 weeks, showing that it is a proven education system. The goal is to continue training students and trainers itself to raise awareness of this newly introduced, condensed education system which can save people a lot of time.

What we are doing to our little, blue spaceship is brutal and awful – it’s not about Mars, it’s about fixing this one

– Shawn Bonnough
So much valuable advise during our call, I was left so inspired. Shawn embraces the challenge of chasing things to make a difference in our world. A lot of us like to sit back, and think that our individual efforts may not make a difference, but it is important to open our eyes and realize that if we chase what we would like to change, then anything is possible!

Capitalism gets negative attention but it can actually be a driving force behind The Positive Change we’d like to make in our world

– Shawn Bonnough
Nowadays, money drives everything, money means power. This has gained money a negative connotation in our society, and Shawn believes that money, income and capitalism can actually lead to large-scale changes that need to made. Money will always be the biggest incentive. Just because money and capitalism can be used as a driving force, does not mean we must turn greedy  We just have to take advantage of what is already working out there as an effective incentive to change, while still coming together as a community, with love, contribution and connection.

Aquaponics Training Institute

Vision and Mission behind Aquaponics Training Institute

Shawn has decided to start an Aquaponics Training Institute for students, inspired by some unfortunate health problems he faced himself. He realized he wanted to help save the planet, improve the health of all people while still making it a sustainable process and option.

So what is aquaponics? Aquaponics is a concept that brings together Aquaculture (when you grow fish in a tank and they need to be fed constantly) and Hydroponics (grow plants without soil to get rid of pests, but nutrients can be expensive). Check out the diagram below:

Simple diagram that highlights the Aquaponics Process

Aquaponics is actually an ancient Indigenous food growing system long long ago when they used floating gardens on their fish ponds. Plants filtered the water for the fish and the fish were creating waste in the form of nutrients for the plants! Once again, it all comes back to knowledge sharing! Without knowledge sharing, we will not be able to collectively come together and save our environment.

The Aquaponics Training Institute aims to educate people about the concept, and empower them to become entrepreneurs and run their own Aquaponics farm. Not only is this educating people, it is creating jobs, and helping build a sustainable future, adapting to the major effects of climate change.

These are ways Aquaponics Training Institute plans to contribute in a variety of ways!

I am truly excited to see this project move forward because it really helps in so many different ways!

What can we learn from this?

Anything is possible, and anyone can do it! It just takes a little research, digging to find yourself and what really means to you! Once you do that, the rest can shaped around your true passion!

Entrepreneurs, businesses and logistic companies – This can really help decrease your carbon footprint! It can also help entrepreneurs establish themselves while spreading a sustainable concept. Businesses can benefit from Aquaponics because of decrease in carbon footprint which they can either allocate to other avenues for now.

Travellers and those looking to move – Would you like to manage a farm while you travel? Would you like to establish yourself as an entrepreneur with a concept that has been proven and an Institute that will train you to do it yourself? It really does help us all!

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