Veganism Pt.1 | The Positive Change

January is already pretty much done – there goes the first month of 2019 in the blink of an eye and so much already happened! One of them being, ‘Vegan’ is the top trending word in 2019 on Twitter. This got me quite curious, as a vegetarian, to find out more about Veganism. I thought, why not get in touch with an experienced vegan who … Continue reading Veganism Pt.1 | The Positive Change

Faculty Brewing | The Positive Change

Brewery – Good! Beer – Good! Planet – Good! Friend’s Reference (just incase) Brewing beer is an amazing art, consuming beer is a huge industry. An industry that is delicious, yet can be quite unsustainable. We had the opportunity to visit Faculty Brewing, a small and local brewery in Vancouver, British Columbia, to hear more about their attempts to become a more sustainable brewery. What’s … Continue reading Faculty Brewing | The Positive Change

Behnaz Rezaei | The Positive Change

I love creating useful things, feeling beauty, being in nature, loving everything that is alive, the sea, the sky … Loving myself, loving people Behnaz Rezaei We might not know it, but the above quote represents all of us. I had the opportunity to get to know Behnaz and I was truly inspired by her journey and I wanted to share this journey because, again, … Continue reading Behnaz Rezaei | The Positive Change

Eco-Tourism | The Positive Change

Impacts of Tourism on our planet Travel and tourism has become an increasingly integral part of everyone’s lives. Whether people are seeking to make travel part of their daily lives, or taking a vacation from their daily lives back home, or even just backpacking around the world to see the beauty our world has to offer. I would never recommend for travel to be banned … Continue reading Eco-Tourism | The Positive Change