Planet Protector Academy | The Positive Change

Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

So, I’m trying something completely new for this post – similar to a podcast. I was attempting to write a blogpost on this insightful conversation I had – but I was just not able to capture the emotions and essence of the conversation.

I had the chance to discuss inspirations, passions, motivations and Planet Protector Academy. Have a listen 🙂

Check out the full interview here!

I felt like this conversation, to its entirety had to be shared with everyone because of how much we can learn, and be inspired to make a change! So check it out – play it while on your train to work, or when you are looking at all the negative news out there – this can present itself as hope and all the positive changes being made out there!

Amazing conversation and so much to learn!

What is Planet Protector Academy?

“Through storymusicinteractive media and live theatre, we create inclusive, meaningful, and full-throttle experiences that children adore and that instill positive environmental values in their hearts – and in their actions. After experiencing our programs, kids feel energized, happy, and eager to put into practice what they have learned!”

Planet Protector Academy = an educational program for young children and future generations to learn to be a responsible citizen and encourage those around them to be responsible as well

– Planet Protector Academy

Through offering programs online on the topics that are highlighted below, children are empowered to learn and make a difference as soon as they go home, or in their communities. Additionally, offering these interactive online programs, specifically tailored to Sustainability and Preserving our Environment takes a huge load of our current Educational System and the efforts to incorporate Sustainability!

While, of course, making the future generations into educated superheroes help preserve our environment!

What can we learn?

  • We are all surrounded by children and youth who are looking up to each and everyone of us to learn from, to have an example of a responsible citizen – let’s make it an effort on our end to teach them all the right things!
  • ANYONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We can all make a positive change, whether we make it our full-time gig or a side hustle – we can all join community gatherings, or bring communities together ourselves, or even just help educate those around us!
  • Making a positive change to preserve our environment does not mean letting go of passions! Vanessa and her husband incorporated their musical and theatrical passions into Planet Protector Academy, which in turn makes the positive change to preserve our environment for future generations
  • Never think the difference you are making will not make a difference! Think about it like a basketball game – a player might score the first two points of a game and it may seem like it didn’t make much of a difference in comparison to the final score. However, that final score could be two points lower without a small contribution from a specific player – this could lead to even a win/loss situation for the team!
  • Nowadays, tons of travellers are moving abroad to teach English and educate our future generations! It would be awesome to help raise awareness of programs like Planet Protector Academy, so we can also teach those in lower developed countries, the importance of preserving our environment, not just for grades, but our communities and our well-being!
  • Don’t give up on your passion! If you truly believe in what you want to achieve, and give it your best shot – it will manifest itself and present itself to you as a wonderful opportunity!
  • Always be positive – Being positive helps us keep an open-mind throughout our days. This helps us absorb and learn so much more rather than being frustrated with the negativity our society presents around us. Negativity can cloud your judgement and even blind you – always try to look at the positives and the opportunities this negativity can be turned into!

“When faced with any choice, choose the kindest, most compassionate one”

– Stephen Schwartz

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