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Climate change and Plastic Pollution has brought about changes not just for humans but animal species around the 🌎👣🔥

During my trip to Costa Rica, my best memory was having the insane chance of seeing a Mother Turtle make her way ashore, lay eggs and swim back.

This was a an eye-opening experience for me. It just highlights we are all the same (animals and humans) and we should be mindful of the negative impact we are having on our environment

Because of this experience, when I came across Dr Turtles from New Zealand, I was immediately drawn to learning more behind the initiative and the effort to donate profits to turtle conservation efforts.

New Zealand is another beautiful country, surrounded by nature – An opportunity to see nature at its best in Kaikoura, New Zealand!

Tell me more about yourself and your teammate

“I am Erin. I came to New Zealand to take my Gap Year after I graduated from university. David runs AirBnB full time and I came and stayed with him for one night in his house during my travels. That is how we met each other. We had so many mutual interests that we stayed in contact and eventually moved in together! The main things we bonded over were our life philosophies and the passion about environment.”

Erin and David of Dr Turtles

What was your inspiration behind starting Dr Turtles?

“Before we started Dr. turtle, we brainstormed for business ideas. I asked David what he cared and he said environment. I thought environment is a large issue with so many perspectives and we decided to start from animals because we both are animal lovers. I used to have turtles as pets and David had a turtle picture on his wall, which led to many conversations about the oceans and how we can help turtles. Hence, Dr. Turtles was born.

“IvoryElla was our inspiration for Dr. Turtles – They donate profit to conservation like us, but most importantly they take active roles in elephant protection and make a difference on the ground everyday. We believe offering turtle products is a great method to spread our message: Save the Ocean and turtles.”

So beautiful – how can we not try to save the animal species around the world!

What do you plan to achieve with Dr Turtles? What is the vision?

“Our vision for Dr Turtles is to keep offering high quality turtle-theme products (not only jewellery but it’s a start) and attracting great designers to create original and new designs for our products every season. Also through our store, we not only donate money to professional groups to help and save turtles and to make the real difference on ocean and these animals but also build a community that includes people who have similar passion like us and take actions together.”

Check out some of the intricate and cool jewellery by Dr Turtles below – We’re also providing whoever reading with a Discount Code below!

Any positive words for the readers?

“We both dream of leaving this world better than we entered it. We have future plans of changing the lives of many people and animals for the better over the coming decades. We hope more people could join us 🙂 “

What can we learn?

  • Erin and David are citizens of the world just like we all are – we do not have to wait for people to make a change – we can start changing ourselves
  • Support those businesses that are also contributing a percentage of profits to valuable causes like Dr Turtle (donating a portion of profits to Environment Preservation and Conservation) or other business models that contribute to change
  • We must realize that even the small changes we make in our lives can have a huge impact in preserving our environment


  • When you’re shopping for products, try to shop through avenues that promote sustainability, donations and other efforts like turtle conservation. This way, not only are you still purchasing what you are hoping to purchase, but you are also contributing to many efforts worldwide to help build a better world for future generations and tackle to the challenge we are facing today. You are making a change by choosing to shop local and sustainable
  • We cannot all be perfect zero-wasters or vegans – try finding a way in your daily lives to make a change. Erin and David realized their passion of jewellery can be tied to supporting turtle conservation efforts


  1. Visit Dr Turtles website
  2. Select the product that appeals most to you
  3. Add to Cart
  4. Check your Cart when you’re ready and Click Checkout
  5. Input the Discount Code: ACT and get 20% OFF!
  6. Continue the process like any other online shopping process

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