ZeroWaste – Folium | The Positive Change

Recently, something that hit me quite a bit, was when a person who is striving to make a change mentioned negative impacts on their mental health because of all the negative news surrounding us. This motivates me even further to highlight the positive initiatives out there, because learning and making changes when motivated by initiatives that are doing the same is far more productive and … Continue reading ZeroWaste – Folium | The Positive Change

The Vegan Night Market | The Positive Change

From winter to spring, warmer weather called for exploring an indoor/outdoor event – The Vegan Night Market. This was a truly exciting event, not only because it was a way to experiment new foods, but it was also a great way to bring people together (vegan or not) to have a conversation on Veganism. The vendor list really highlights that all the vendors are, in … Continue reading The Vegan Night Market | The Positive Change

Climate Future Series | The Positive Change

How do events, like these, that tell us what could happen in certain drastic situations with evidence be something positive? It may seem negative or daunting, discussing the impact of global warming and how it can change our world completely for future generations – but there is definitely a positive in this. Not only should this serve as motivation for us to make a change, … Continue reading Climate Future Series | The Positive Change

SmileBambu | The Positive Change

3 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills and waterways EVERY YEAR. Let’s be real – that’s a shocking statistic. And that’s a huge problem. I had the chance to learn from and interview James Staley, one of the inspiring minds behind recently launched SmileBambu. In all honesty, this is one of the posts I’d recommend we all read because of the reality-checks, and how … Continue reading SmileBambu | The Positive Change