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Great selection of Vendors at The Vegan Night Market

From winter to spring, warmer weather called for exploring an indoor/outdoor event – The Vegan Night Market. This was a truly exciting event, not only because it was a way to experiment new foods, but it was also a great way to bring people together (vegan or not) to have a conversation on Veganism. The vendor list really highlights that all the vendors are, in some way or the other, making a positive difference – whether it is through raising awareness of animal cruelty, or decreasing your carbon footprint.

  • Eat The Dishes – Eliminating single-use plastic from street food! How many times have you steered away from a food truck because of plastic utensils?
  • Hearts on Noses Sanctuary – a place that serves as a refuge for pigs that could have seen worse. Purpose to rescue animals
  • The Vegan Project – Inspiring and educating others on how to live a Vegan lifestyle (including recipes, lifestyle tips and fitness)
  • Peaces – “Peaces  is a eco conscious lifestyle brand that uses business as a force for good.”
Creative ideas all around!

Why I decided to attend

Although not 100% vegan, I am a vegetarian and believe in the positive impacts of a plant-based diet. I am constantly open to trying vegan alternatives or vegan foods because, let’s all be honest, it is most likely the diet of the future if we want to help preserve our planet. Constantly in search of ways to help build a sustainable future for our planet, I researched the benefits of veganism and why one must at least try indulging in vegan goodness. These are just some of the reasons why I wanted to attend and support The Vegan Market:

  1. Helps decrease animal cruelty
  2. Being Vegan helps decrease your carbon footprint substantially
  3. Vegans save huge amounts of water through their diets
  4. Research also showed that consumption of fruits and veggies and living a plant-based diet decreases your chances of heart stroke or cancer
Share experiences together

Positive Learnings

So, Google is a key resource to find the answers you are looking for. So why attend The Vegan Market – here are my top 3 reasons:

To Learn:

During my entire night at this event, I learnt the most obvious things of all – such events exist! It is quite exciting to know that there is a community looking to inspire and shift behaviours for the better of our environment. You learn about what is happening around you, bringing together a diverse set of knowledge, conversations and ways to get involved to help. I learnt the purpose of so many different vendors I never had come across before. It can serve as inspiration for young entrepreneurs or even those who are seeking a way to get involved and blend their career with their passion of sustainability.

To Share:

This was crucial. I attended the market thinking I would be reading some posters about various vendors and tasting some creative recipes. What I did not realize was the fact that I was able to converse with the vendors itself to learn more about what is being offered and my thoughts as well! Various vendors are also there to learn from citizens and how they can better themselves as a business – this was the chance to share more knowledge with each other. Additionally, I came across one of the vendors, the Vancouver Green Party. Having the chance to interact with a governmental organization in an informal setting such as The Vegan Night Market, really helps ease the conversations and gather answers regarding what direction the party is moving in and what direction they see the world and Vancouver moving in. This is a time to provide feedback on ways to improve and also collect feedback on a variety of initiatives already existing you were not aware of.

To Change:

Through learning and sharing, it gives you the tools to change and contribute. Whether it’s through joining forces and helping rescue animals, or simply giving up meat once a week. These events help you realize there are many ways one can make changes in their own lives, while inspiring others to do so as well.

Our world has become increasingly dependent on technology but in reality, what is most memorable is the connections we make in-person – that in itself should help drive the change!

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