Eco-Tourism | The Positive Change

Impacts of Tourism on our planet Travel and tourism has become an increasingly integral part of everyone’s lives. Whether people are seeking to make travel part of their daily lives, or taking a vacation from their daily lives back home, or even just backpacking around the world to see the beauty our world has to offer. I would never recommend for travel to be banned … Continue reading Eco-Tourism | The Positive Change

Olas Verdes Hotel 🇨🇷 | The Positive Change

We all enjoy travelling, eating delicious foods, staying at wonderful hotels & interacting with others. But have we ever thought about coupling our wonderful travels with making tourism greener so our future generations can roam the world like we do? My journey, a journey in search of positivity and environmental initiatives that portray positivity, took me, unexpectedly, to a beach town named Nosara in Costa … Continue reading Olas Verdes Hotel 🇨🇷 | The Positive Change

How to have a Low-Waste-Mas | The Positive Change

It’s really funny how things work out – while working on one of my previous blogspots regarding Zero-Waste Household from Qatar, The Al-Sulaiti family shared with me one of their inspirations, the book “Waste Not by Erin Rhoads.” Many of us are overwhelmed by the idea of zero-waste, and I was extremely thrilled to know there is a book out there to help us with … Continue reading How to have a Low-Waste-Mas | The Positive Change

Rashmi Aradhya & The Soap Dispensary | The Positive Change

Beautiful Vancouver, Canada! Where the bustling city meets greenery and our greatest gift, nature. Although we find many negative aspects of our actions and the negative effects they have on our environment, there are a large growing number of initiatives in Vancouver that is not only spreading awareness of preserving our environment in different ways, but also empowering others in the community to share their … Continue reading Rashmi Aradhya & The Soap Dispensary | The Positive Change

Shawn Bonnough | The Positive Change

Such a small world – I launch The Positive Change, and my colleague from a previous job messages me and connects me with his father, Shawn Bonnough, extremely passionate with a strong character striving to make positive changes in a variety of ways. I had the unique opportunity of connecting with Shawn over a phone call and discussing his vision and the inspiration behind Aquaponics … Continue reading Shawn Bonnough | The Positive Change

Zero-Waste Household | The Positive Change

One of the biggest misperceptions out there today is, transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle can be expensive, time-consuming & inconvenient. A lot of people think for the change to happen, one must buy all these expensive replacements, or hire professionals to make the change – BUT THIS IS ALL JUST A PERCEPTION! The State of Qatar and the Al-Sulaiti family Qatar is an extremely tiny … Continue reading Zero-Waste Household | The Positive Change

Bali Eco Deli | #ThePositiveChange

Whether you are a tourist, or a local, we are all aware of the Plastic Epidemic and Indonesia being one of the centrepieces to this problem. We are fully aware that Indonesia is second-only to China when it comes to dumping plastic in our oceans and not having proper infrastructure to eliminate the waste effectively. Constantly, I hear from those who visit Indonesia how big … Continue reading Bali Eco Deli | #ThePositiveChange